YJP Surveyors – A Well-Established Professional Surveying Company With An Illustrious 26-Year History

YJP Surveyors specializes in providing accurate and cost-competitive services in the field of surveying and environmental measurements. To maintain its competitive edge, YJP invests in advance technology for their land, hydrographic and environmental surveys. For example, they include new technology such as orthophoto, terrestrial lidar technology and drones.

Attitude of Extreme Care and Diligence In Selecting Suitable Insurance

YJP Surveyors has a drone flight safety record of 323 flights and 50.8 hours, evidence of their attention-to-detail. They took care in selecting suitable insurance to meet their needs. YJP requested to “first look at the clauses, legal coverage, and terms”. In addition, YJP asked clarifying questions about Coverflight.

For instance:

  • “electromagnetic interference that leads to loss of signal”,
  • “coverage outside Singapore”,
  • “battery failure”,
  • “lightning”,
  • “urban areas”,
  • “attacks by large birds or collision with another unexpected fast drone/aircraft” and
  • “third party liability claims”, just to name a few.

Only when they received satisfactory answers to all nine questions, they went on to fly assured with Coverflight online. Certainly, the attitude of extreme care and diligence translates into their clients’ benefit through the services that YJP provides.

For more information on YJP Surveyors Pte Ltd, visit www.yjpsurveyors.com.