YJP Surveyors – Embrace Technology, Deliver More.

YJP Surveyors - A Well-Established Professional Surveying Company With An Illustrious 26-Year History YJP Surveyors specializes in providing accurate and cost-competitive services in the field of surveying and environmental measurements. To maintain its competitive edge, YJP invests in advance technology for their land, hydrographic and environmental surveys. For example, they include new technology such as [...]

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Future Flight Consortium Selected by CAAS and MOT – Press Release

Future Flight Consortium selected by Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and Ministry of Transport to develop Connected Urban Airspace Management System for Unmanned Aircraft in Singapore. Future Flight Consortium Press Release “Being part of this consortium has tremendous implication on how we, together with other consortium partners, can play our part in convincing [...]

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How To Fly Your Unmanned Aircraft Safely and Responsibly

Advisory on the Safe and Responsible Operation of Unmanned Aircraft More people flying unmanned aircraft or drones for recreation and private use. This infographic provides more information on how to fly your unmanned aircraft safely and responsibly. Safe and Responsible Flying of Unmanned Aircraft For more information on the commercial use of unmanned [...]

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Drone Insurance In Singapore

Once the stuff of comic books and science fiction; unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones are becoming a more common sight. It is increasingly popular to fly drones recreationally or for commercial use such as site inspections, deliveries, aerial photography. New laws will be needed to regulate the use of drones, one such law is [...]

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