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Events Insurance – What You Need To Know.

Are you in the hospitality or entertainment industry involved with running events? Behind every event lies hours of hard work and in some cases, large amounts of capital. Despite years of experience and careful planning, things do not always go according to plan. Hence, having the proper Events Insurance can help protect your business and [...]

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Ransomware On The Rise! EXPLOSIVE news on CYBERSECURITY.

The use of ransomware in cyberattacks by hackers are soaring at an alarming rate! These hackers cripple our business technology systems from supply chain to payments to manufacturing. They use ransomware and sophisticated malware programmes and will only stop when their ransom demands are met. According to a Reuters report, businesses reported a 365% increase [...]

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Meet Our Trade Credit, Bond and Political Risk Team!

We have assembled the strongest, most experienced Trade Credit, Bond and Political Risk team! Are you selling on credit, to new customers or to new markets? If so, meet our Trade Credit, Bond and Political Risk team! We have helped our clients develop customized solutions through structured credit insurance for some of the following problems [...]

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YJP Surveyors – Embrace Technology, Deliver More.

YJP Surveyors - A Well-Established Professional Surveying Company With An Illustrious 26-Year History YJP Surveyors specializes in providing accurate and cost-competitive services in the field of surveying and environmental measurements. To maintain its competitive edge, YJP invests in advance technology for their land, hydrographic and environmental surveys. For example, they include new technology such as [...]

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Trade Credit Insurance – Get More Money From Your Bank

We often think of trade credit insurance as a protection on our trade receivables against loss from protracted default, insolvency or bankruptcy. Monetize Your Trade Receivables With Trade Credit Insurance Did you know that you can employ trade credit insurance as a trade financing tool to MONETIZE YOUR TRADE RECEIVABLES? Let us show you how [...]

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We often think of trade credit insurance as a protection on our trade receivables against loss from protracted default, insolvency or bankruptcy. Do you know that trade credit insurance can be employed as a trade financing tool to BOOST YOUR SALES TURNOVER? Let us show you how from an actual case scenario below: Let [...]

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Future Flight Consortium Selected by CAAS and MOT – Press Release

Future Flight Consortium selected by Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and Ministry of Transport to develop Connected Urban Airspace Management System for Unmanned Aircraft in Singapore. Future Flight Consortium Press Release “Being part of this consortium has tremendous implication on how we, together with other consortium partners, can play our part in convincing [...]

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Are contractors taking very high risks for their construction projects?

Contractors often find themselves insufficiently protected in serious construction accidents. The headline screamed “Injured Cyclist awarded record S$8,650,000” for attention. Hyundai Engineering & Construction was the main contractor when a bundle of overhead cables at a construction site under its charge struck a cyclist. As a result, the cyclist suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which [...]

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Event Insurance – Get Relevant Cover For Your Unique Event Needs!

Acorn Manages Event Insurance Package for Iconic ULTRA SINGAPORE for the Second Year Running! In this post, we share the importance of designing your event insurance for your unique event needs. Ultra Singapore, a popular Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival, is back for the second year running even bigger and better. This year, Ultra Singapore [...]

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How To Fly Your Unmanned Aircraft Safely and Responsibly

Advisory on the Safe and Responsible Operation of Unmanned Aircraft More people flying unmanned aircraft or drones for recreation and private use. This infographic provides more information on how to fly your unmanned aircraft safely and responsibly. Safe and Responsible Flying of Unmanned Aircraft For more information on the commercial use of unmanned [...]

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