He lost his uncles, parents in-laws  and mother to cancer; so he now wants to do his little to give Hope :
1. To the children who are fighting cancer. They have potentially long and useful lives ahead of them.

2. For Team Singapore’s success in the SEA Games.

3. For all Singaporeans as we celebrate SG 50; May we continue to have peace, prosperity and progress for our Nation. He has always said that he wants to be of value to anyone with whom he comes into contact with (even if it is in very small ways); so he thinks it’s about time to walk the talk and take the lead to shave a little so as to share a lot to the Children’s Cancer Foundation. (you can do your part by donating to the Children’s Cancer Foundation)

In line with SG 50, he is targeting to raise S$ 50,000 in tranches.  Meaning to say, when you help him raise the first S$ 50,000 tranche then he will go for the second,
third  to reach S$ 150,000. He hopes to beat the last record of S$ 119,000. It’s not such a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”, he quipped with the help and support of good
friends and associates”

The children who are struggling with cancer deserve to have HOPE.